Research camps

The LabEx CIMI aims to offer intensive research courses for students from L2 to M1 to work on a common subject in Toulouse

The objective is to discover research in computer science or mathematics on an accessible subject, with the support of one or more researchers. The production of a research report in English (as a basis for a possible article) by the students is expected.

  • Group size: maximum 5 students

  • Supervisory team: at least one teacher/researcher or researcher, possibly accompanied by a doctoral student (possibility of obtaining credits from the doctoral school) or postdoctoral fellow

  • Duration: 6/8 weeks from the beginning of June to mid/late July

  • Gratuity for students: accommodation (student residence), transport (one return trip from the place of residence, up to a maximum of 500€) and internship bonus (500€ per month).

Application form in PDF