Thematic semester

The thematic semester consists of conferences, workshops and schools.

These events bring together not only leading experts, but also hundreds of researchers at all stages of their careers. The LabEx CIMI provides them ideal work conditions. In a stimulating environment, all resources are productively used to develop new knowledge at the leading edge of current research.



Projects may be submitted at any time of the year. For any further information, please send a message to:

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Future events

Semester 2022

Modeling, Partial Differential Equations & Scientific Computing


Past events

Semester 2021


Semester 2019

Variation Calculus

Geometry & Statistics

Semester 2018

Optimization theory

Semester 2017


Decision Support

Mathematics for Life Sciences

Semester 2016

Complex Geometry

Mathematics & Philosophy


Semester 2015

High Performance Computing

Game Theory

Machine & Deep Learning

Semester 2014

Partial Differential Equations & Probability

Semester 2013

Image Processing