The LabEx will end at the beginning of 2025, hence we do not propose any support.

For mathematics, there will be some funding from EUR MINT.

Eligibility criteria

Those fellowships are open, on a competitive basis, to French and foreign students and awarded on the basis of the quality of the academic records.

The research areas should be developed within the activities at

Phd subjects with interactions between mathematics and computer science will be closely examined.


Work contract conditions

Recruited doctoral students will be paid € 1975 gross per month. They will have the opportunity to sign a teaching endorsement for the duration of their doctoral studies. 


Application process

The application call is now closed.

Applicants must be able to provide the following documents :

  • Applicant’s curriculum vitae

  • Details of grades obtained at university from the 1st year to present

  • Motivation letter from the applicant

  • Short description of the proposed Phd subject signed by the applicant and the applicant’s supervisor

  • Where appropriate, a proposal for co-financing

All applications must be submitted online.

IMPORTANT : The applicant is reponsible to make sure his/her application is complete prior to the closing date. Please note that fully completed applications only will be examined.



Selection process

  • The final selection will be performed by the LabEx CIMI Executive Committee


Links to PhD supported by Cimi


  • Claire Boyer 2012 Math (Weiss)

  • Olivier Chabiron 2012 Math/Info (Malgouyres/Tourneret)


  • Fabrizio Bianchi 2013 Math (Berteloot)

  • Jonathan Louedec 2013 Math/Info (Garivier/Mothe)

  • Faustine Maffre 2013 Info (Herzig/Lorini)

  • Danny Scarponi 2013 Math (Rossler)


  • Fanny Augeri 2014 Math Bordenave

  • Bérangère Mathieu 2014 Info Crouzil

  • Valentin Rousselet 2014 Info Barthe (Loic)

  • Christos Rantsoudis 2015 Info Herzig/Zhang

  • Dennis Wilson 2015 Info Luga/Cussat-Blanc

  • Dinh Duong 2015 Math Bouclet

  • Hugo Bringuier 2015 Math Pellegrini/Cattiaux

  • Pierre François Gimenez 2015 Info Mengin/Fargier

  • Ricardo Peireira Da costa 2015 Math Loubere


  • Arianna Novaro 2016 Info Lorini/Longin

  • Baptiste Fedele 2016 Math Negulescu

  • Grégoire Todeschi 2016 Info Hagimont

  • Jorge Ferreira Antonio 2016 Math Toen

  • Jade Nardi 2016 Math Hallouin/Perret

  • Mael Valais 2016 Info/Math Malgouyres/Tourneret


  • Anthony Mur 2017 Math Maris

  • Arthur Renaudeau 2017 Info Durou

  • Maxime Vono 2017 Info Dobigeon

  • Thibault Lejemble 2017 Info Barthe (Loic)

  • Van Tu LE 2017 Math Buff/Raissy

  • Cedric SIMO TAO LEE 2017 Math Marechal


  • Sony Willets 2018 Math Costantino

  • Saul Fernandez 2018 Info Balbiani


  • Lila Boualili 2019 Info Boughanem

  • Jordan Serres 2019 Math Barthe/Fati


  • Irène meunier 2020 Math (Lamy)

  • Javier Gonzalez Delgado 2020 Math (IMT/LAAS) (Neuvial/Cortes)

  • Théo Duchatelle 2020 Info (Besnard)