Jacqueline Ferrand Prize 2022

20 Juin

Jacqueline Ferrand Prize 2022

Congratulations to the Sign'Maths project team who received the Jacqueline Ferrand prize, for the pedagogical innovation of the Sign'Maths project which develops a mathematical glossary in French sign language and makes it available to the community through its website. The jury of La Société Mathématique de France was convinced by the quality of this project and by its essential and founding character and hopes that this prize will facilitate the continuation of this initiative and the support it needs.

A special congratulations to Emily Burgunder and Claire Dartyge, members of the Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse, as well as five students from Toulouse are part of the project team.

CIMI has financially supported this project since 2016.

Visi the website: https://signmaths.univ-tlse3.fr/