Sign'Maths : making mathematics accessible in sign language

The Sign'Maths research group has been working for several years on the creation of a mathematics website in sign language in order to propose signs allowing the translation of various mathematical notions, as well as their definition and examples to illustrate.

The platform is now online. There is also a cell phone version that can be used by students during their classes. 

Composed of deaf and hearing people, students, teachers of mathematics and French sign language (LSF), the Sign'Maths group organizes monthly workshops to work together on the translation of mathematical concepts and definitions into French sign language (LSF), from primary to undergraduate level, which corresponds to the majority of the "general public" vocabulary. One day a month, mathematicians and sign language specialists discuss various mathematical concepts in order to establish a specific sign language that meets both linguistic constraints and mathematical criteria. The signs are then recorded in the studio and broadcasted on the website.

Festival: Maths in all its states!

CIMI is a historical partner of the festival "Les Maths dans tous leurs ├ętats" combining workshops, games and contests, conferences, shows and debates as well as its capacity to mobilize researchers and teachers and beyond to address the general public as well as students and teachers of all levels. It is a successful meeting with a large public in an original place!

The website is available here.