Executive Committee & Prospective Committee

The Executive Committee’s role is to select, coordinate and organise the submitted scientific projects. It is responsible for the daily management of all aspects of the programme and must report to the Scientific and Governing Board once a year.

CIMI Executive Committee members :

  • CIMI scientific Coordinator, Francis Filbet,

  • Head of IMT, Franck Barthe,

  • Head of IRIT, Jean-Marc Pierson,

  • Deputy head of LAAS, Pierre Lopez

  • Jean Gillibert

  • Lucie Baudouin

  • Philippe Balbiani

  • Laure Coutin

  • Cédric Fevotte

  • Patrick Hild

Together with CIMI Executive Committee, the Prospective Committee’s role is to enhance CIMI’s visibility and promote sicentific actions within institutes (IMT, IRIT and LAAS) and to evaluate the answers to the CIMI calls. The Prospective Committee is made of 5 IMT members, 5 IRIT members and 2 LAAS members.

CIMI Prospective Committee members :

  • Olivier Brun (LAAS)

  • Jean-François Coulombel (IMT)

  • Yuxin Ge (IMT)

  • Frédéric de Gournay (IMT)

  • Silvano Dal Zilio (LAAS)

  • Agnes Lagnoux (IMT)

  • Géraldine Morin (IRIT)

  • Josiane Mothe (IRIT)

  • Ileana Obert (IRIT)

  • Béatrice Paillassa (IRIT)

  • Pascale Roesch (IMT)

  • Frédéric Vella (IRIT)