Workshop Optimization and Learning

Optimization and Learning

CIMI Workshop, Toulouse, France

10-13 september 2018


The « Optimization and Learning » workshop will take place at Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (IMT) and is part of the thematic semester « Optimization » organized by Labex CIMI.

The workshop will focus on important challenges in optimization for machine learning, pertaining to the following subtopics:

  1. Representation learning.  Artificial intelligence, signal & image processing and automatic language processing, among other disciplines, motivate the development of novel methodology for matrix factorization, dictionary learning and deep learning: the workshop will present recent results on the characterization and obtention of the solutions to these non-convex problems.

  2. Stochastic optimization.  In some problems pertaining to computational statistics, signal & image processing, risk computations or learning in large dimension, the objective function is intractable or available up to some approximations. The workshop will present methodological & theoretical advances to address such settings, in the context of non-smooth and non-convex optimization and including online and distributed algorithms.

  3. Optimization with uncertainty. The workshop will address the optimization of backbox functions, possibly in the presence of noise, by means of Gaussian Processes (GP) or bandit models. It will include a mini-course on the use of GPs for optimization, and a series of presentations on recent advances in multi-armed bandit models and GP-based procedures, with a focus on theoretical guarantees and in particular bounds on the cumulated regret.


The workshop will include three mini-courses (3 x 3h), a dozen one hour talks, and poster sessions.

Confirmed speakers for the mini-courses (3 courses of 3h each)

  • Andreas Krause (Leaning and Adaptive Systems group, ETH Zurich; Switzerland)
  • Georges Lan (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta; USA)
  • René Vidal (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Confirmed speakers for the one hour talks

Participants are invited to present their work during a poster session (see the registration form for the application).



The workshop will start on Monday September 10, at 11:00 a.m. and will end on Thursday September 13 at 4:00 p.m. It will take place in Amphi Schwarz, Building 1R3, Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse (IMT). Click here for a Google Map link.

Abstracts can be dowloaded here.

Detailed program (under construction)



Registration is free but mandatory. The participants are invited to present a poster: A title and a short abstract can be given when filling the registration form.

Important remark: the maximum number of regitsrations was reached (on the 19th of July). No registration is possible anymore.



Organizing commitee:

François Bachoc, Cédric Févotte, Gersende Fort and Sébastien Gadat

Advisory committee:

Nicolas Dobigeon, Aurélien Garivier, François Malgouyres, Edouard Pauwels, Laurent Risser and  Aude Rondepierre




For any question, please contact Sébastien Gadat: firstname.lastname(no accents)




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