Semestre Aide à la Décision

Mars-Juil. 2017

Researches around Decision Making can be seen in two categories.

- For the first domain of researches aim at formalizing the Decision Making reasoning process and its complexity. Two aspects must be taken into account : for the first case preference modelling of one single decision maker and for the second case communications and interactions among several decision makers. For the first case, studies on decision makers preferences modelling under uncertainty or not, mutlicriteria or monocriteria, taking into account uncomplete and / or qualitative information are conducted. For the second case models and systems allowing several decision makers to vote, or make a decision together, are developped.

- For the second domain, technical aspects are developped aiming at simulating or supporting a group engaged in decision process (GDSS, Social Networks).

The main objective of this thematic semester is not only to built a bridge between these two domains but also to allow researchers in Mathematics and in Computer Science to work together.

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