29 Juin-08 Juil.2015


With this master-class, we plan to introduce Phd students and young researchers to the theory of isomonodromic deformations via the recently introduced concept of parameterized differential Galois group, and its generalization to the non-linear setting (isoholonomic deformations) in the framework of the Galois pseudogroup of a foliation and the Mattei unfoldings theory.

We are going to study such iso-Galoisian deformations, with a special focus on the first non-trivial examples of such deformations, i.e. the Painlevé differential and difference equations.

 Trois cours auront lieu :

  • From basic facts to linear isomonodromy, Charlotte Hardouin and Viktoria Heu
  • On local classification of q-difference equations: towards discrete isomonodromy, Jacques Sauloy
  • Non-linear isomonodromy, Guy Casale, Yohann Genzmer and Loïc Teyssier.


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